Packing List

What Should My Son Bring to Camp?

Bible & Pen


Long Jeans



Long-sleeve shirts

Sweatshirt or Light Jacket


Personal Kit (toiletries)

Insect Repellent


Laundry Bag

Swim Suit


Rain Gear

Tennis Shoes & Sandals

Set of Old Clothes & Shoes

Sleeping Bag


2 Long Socks (for games)

Fishing Pole (optional)

What Items Are Prohibited?

Hand-held electronic game devices

Cell phones & MP3 players

Playing or trading cards

Matches, lighters, sparklers, fireworks of any kind (legal or not)

Tobacco products of any kind, drugs or drug paraphernalia, e-cigarettes/vaping devices or supplies, alcohol.

All weapons, including knives, jackknives, etc. The camp will provide any necessary tools as needed.

We do not recommend extra candy or snacks, which can lead to cabin problems.

Parents & Guardians

The Camp Nathanael staff reserves the right to confiscate from a camper any of the above prohibited items or other items if they are seen anywhere on the camp grounds and deemed to be a distraction to Nathanael’s ministry objectives or perceived as a safety or security hazard to other campers, staff or camp facilities.

While we do not routinely do so, we reserve the right to search personal belongings and luggage for prohibited items should we believe there is reasonable cause. When feasible we will contact parents or guardians if it is necessary for us to search personal belongings. Please inform your son or other campers who you are bringing to camp that these items should be left at home.

Any confiscated items will be returned to the camper or his parent or guardian at the end of his camp session.