2022 Calendar & Programs

2022 Camp Schedule
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We have several different camping programs for boys in Minnesota.
Scroll down to see more information about each of our programs, and find the week that works best for you family.


Classic Camp Weeks

Your son spends a week in a cabin with two counselors and 8-10 other boys his age. Morning devotions, cabin team building activities, skill building activities, and more.

Junior Camp is for younger boys (going into 3rd – 6th grade), and Senior Camp for older boys (going into 7th-12th grade).

Camp Nathanael has two main programs during the summer: Stockade Camps are for boys entering grades 3rd-6th in September and Battalion Camps are for boys entering grades 7th-12th in September.

Boys entering the 7th grade may attend either Stockade weeks or Battalion weeks.

Our Mixed Week Camps allows brothers and cousins of different age groups to attend camp the same week. Stockade age campers are at one end of the camp and Battalion age campers are in the other section. All campers are together for free swims, meals, and evening campfire. All other activities are separate.

Registration begins at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.  Parents can collect their son at 10 a.m. on the following Saturday.  If your son is attending one of our half-week sessions, pick-up time is 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Late arrivals and early departures can be arranged but please contact us well in advance. Please do not arrive early on the first day as we will still be getting camp ready for you. It is important that you arrive on time to pick up your son on Saturday. When you arrive late it can be hard on him!


Base Trips

For guys going into 8th grade and up we offer Adventure Base Camp trips.

  • Whitewater Canoeing
  • Trail Biking
  • Climbing & Rappelling
  • Boundary Water Canoeing

The boys will spend some nights at camp, but much of the week will be out at some of the most beautiful places in Minnesota gaining new experiences and challenging themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Each summer we offer a couple Base Camps for the older boys. You'll spend a day or two of your week at Camp Nathanael, but for most of the week you'll be off-site with your cabin biking, canoeing or rock climbing in beautiful scenic parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Trail Biking Base Camp (Gr. 8+)
For boys entering grades 9 and up. After training at camp, you'll head out to some exciting mountain biking areas in Minnesota. The highlight of the trip will be an overnight trip to Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. This trip will be somewhat physically challenging, so you will need to be in reasonably good condition.

Whitewater River Base Camp (Gr. 8+)
 For boys entering grade 9 and up. After learning canoeing skills on Lake Wilbur and either the Kettle or St. Croix river you will head into Wisconsin to tackle the Boise Brule river. Over the course of two days you will traverse level 3 and 4 rapids and make your way up to Lake Superior. This trip will be somewhat physically challenging, so you will need to be in reasonably good condition.

Rock Climbing Base Camp (Gr. 8+)
 For boys entering grades 8 and up. You'll receive initial training and experience at camp on our own climbing tower. Then you'll head out to some of Minnesota's prime climbing areas, including an overnight trip to the North Shore. As always, safety is a priority on Nathanael trips. Climbing and rappelling experience is helpful. Space is limited.


Father/Son Camp

Boys as young as Kindergarten can come to camp for a half week with their dad, grandpa or father figure.

It’s a great introduction to all of the fun things at camp with the security of having dad there, too.

Older boys get to spend quality time connecting with their dad through the same classic “guy” activities.

Father/Son Camps are for boys in grades K-7 and 7-12 as of September, along with Dad, an uncle or grandfather of any age.  Father/Son 1 is for sons of Stockade age, begins Sunday afternoon and concludes on Wednesday morning.  Father/Son II is a mixed session for both Stockade age and Battalion age sons.  This session starts on Wednesday afternoon and concludes on Saturday morning.  Father/Son III is another stockade age session starting on Sunday and concluding on Wednesday morning.

Stockade or Battalion age, it's a relaxed program where you will try activities, engage in father/son Bible studies, free swims, games and campfire sessions.  Father and son free time is encouraged.